group Facilitation

Top three reasons teams fail?

    1. Mismanagement of Competing Interests
    2. Lack of Candor
    3. Lack of Trust

Very simply put, facilitation is helping a team accomplish its goals. There are a wide range of perspectives about the ideal nature and values of facilitation, much as there are a wide range of perspectives about the ideal nature and values of leadership. For example, some facilitators may believe that facilitation should always be highly democratic in nature and that anything other than democratic is not facilitation at all. Others may believe that facilitation can be quite directive, particularly depending on the particular stage of development of the group. Whatever one's beliefs about the best nature of facilitation, the practice usually is best carried out by someone who has strong knowledge and skills regarding group dynamics and processes -- these are often referred to as process skills. Effective facilitation requires strong knowledge and skills about the particular topic or content that the group is addressing in order to reach its goals.

Make sure your dreams do not fail... accelerate now with experienced facilitation for you:

  • Staff Retreats
  • Strategic Planning
  • Community Forum
In addition, if your organization needs to develop long range plans for building your efforts:Financing Your Community Agenda  (4 to 8 sessions over 6 to 8 months) -  Financial Sustainability Planning. Using a process developed by the national Finance Project, this series will take you from start to finish in developing a three year plan for sustaining your efforts.  This is an intense multi-session process that works best when it includes a cross-section of programs/initiatives from across service systems in your community.

Developing A Marketing  Plan  (2 to 3 sessions which can run over 1 to 2 months) – Will give you the tools to lead your team through the development of  an effective marketing plan.  Core concepts in this session are Demystifying Marketing, Setting Goals, Positioning, Marketing Audits, Writing Plan, Instituting a Promotional Campaign, and Evaluation.

NOTE: Does require the purchase of Marketing Workbook for Nonprofit Organizations at $35.