performance coaching

It's not easy being a leader.

If you need to grow your leadership abilities, then Performance Coaching is a solution. Through Performance Coaching you or your staff can address a variety of issues that may be hindering performance. I work with scores of emerging and established leaders to dramatically increase both personal and organizational success. Coaching is confidential, convenient and cost-effective. Performance Coaching will give you a major competitive edge.
Who is a candidate For Performance Coaching?
  • Those who want to become a great leader
  • Staff with management skills but who lack high performance leadership and communication skills.
  • Talented managers who know what needs to be done but lack the political will or savvy to both promote and gain acceptance for their ideas.
  • Inexperienced managers whose development is paramount to organizational success.
  • Established leaders who are approaching burnout and need assistance in balancing work/life or handling aged-related personal crisis.
  • Long-term employees who have not kept up with organizational change.
  • Strategic thinkers who want to plot new initiatives for their department or organization.
I partner with you to improve and succeed in a way you've always dreamed possible.  Coaching is a confidential, convenient and cost-effective ways to accelerate now.
Coaching via the GROW model: I’ll work with you to discover your management style and preferred way of handling situations. Next we’ll discuss your work environment. Then we’ll assess your leadership strengths from which we’ll being to explore options for building upon those strengths to overcome obstacles. Finally, we’ll test strategies in order to drive performance, sticking with what works and analyzing what doesn’t.

Training is an event but leadership is an ongoing process. Though my Performance Coaching, you will see increased:
  • quality in your work
  • leadership among your peers
  • employee retention and commitment
  • office morale
  • professional satisfaction
Coaching available in-person, over the telephone or via my on-line meeting room.