Secure Your Site

Prevent Disaster

Malicious hackers are using sophisticated ransomware to lock you out from your valuable data - if they find a way to get to it. They will demand you pay them money to unlock your data to regain access. To prevent such a malady, you need to take basic security precations when building your site:
• create basic login/logout pages to intercept acces to pages containing your data  and block access if faulty credentials are given
• create user registration to allow your readers to enter their poc infomation
• Allow your users to modify their profile info, retrieve forgotten passwords, or cancel their account with you

This site demonstrates how a security ssuite (login/logout with user-supplied credentials that permits users to update their content with password-protection) will be a basic hinderance to spammers, spoofers or malicious hackers.

However, as in all cases, user awareness is also necessary to prevent a malicious attack on your site. For instance, don't click directly on any links that appear in suspicious emails, no matter how 'real' the site appears. Most respectable vendors will not ask for your pin, SSN or other persoanal information by email. It is always best to email or call them directly if there is a question or a concern.

Be Security Concious

There are quite a number of thrid party website security services available if you choose not to build your own. A note of caution... if you plan to employ a third party service, they themselves become a target for malicious hackers since they offer protection to many organizations - but you can take comfort knowing most will throw their full weight against any such malicious attempts, assuring you a powerful safeguard against cyber threats. Here are the first five such third party services we found using Google Search (click on image to visit site):